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*2017 Software Developer Productivity Survey

65% of developers admit to struggling with their development environment* – Kelda is working to reclaim your team’s time.

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Wasted time
adds up.

Kubernetes is great for DevOps but introduces complexity for everyone else.

See how Kelda helps you save
  • Complex tooling that isn’t intuitive for developers of all disciplines.
  • Too many moving pieces increases the likelihood of problems.
  • Poor visibility makes debugging difficult.

What is

A personal development environment in the cloud

  • Create isolated environments personal to each developer
  • Environments run on Kubernetes in your cloud
  • Automate tedious setup, teardown, and maintenance
  • Utilize cloud computing to keep your laptop fast


An intuitive development experience

  • Maintain your familiar local development workflow
  • Keep your favorite editor, debugger, and any other tools you know and love.
  • Diagnose problems quickly and easily

A Better Way.

Empower developers to focus on what they love, features, not infrastructure. Kelda eliminates the need for everyone to know Kubernetes internals to test locally.

  • Enable developers to focus on features instead of infrastructure.
  • Rapid code/test/debug loops are now possible with Kubernetes.
  • Centralized management is easy with Kelda’s baked-in DevOps tools.
  • Easily develop on Kubernetes as you would on production.
  • Keep bugs out of production by making local testing a sinch.
  • Diagnose problems quickly with Kelda’s simple debugging tools.

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